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Yoga is for every BODY!  

Make the move to experience the healing power of yoga.  Start your practice and learn the benefits yoga can provide your body, mind, and spirit.

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EveryBODY Yoga

Learn to Yoga your way!! This class allows those who want to start a practice, who have limited flexibility or mobility, or who just want to enjoy a gentler practice in a positive, energy-filled space, to experience all the benefits of yoga at the appropriate level.  Kripalu-influenced, each class includes gentle warm-up, appropriate asanas (postures), time allowance for personal exploration and ample relaxation time.  This practice may discuss postures in depth, include using a chair or the wall for support, and discuss yoga philosophy. Modifications are provided throughout the practice to benefit all levels of yoga practitioners.

Gentle Yoga w/props

Gentle Yoga with props allows you to move gently through a yoga class and make modifications you need to support your practice. Classes will include gentle warmup, asana (poses) practice, and restorative relaxation. This is a learn, discuss, practice class - props will be discussed as they are used so you know what the best modification and practice is for YOU!

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a beginner friendly class that offers you the opportunity to improve flexibility and mobility. Yin yoga is a practice that slows the body and mind giving you the opportunity to explore sensation more and work with the joints (as opposed to the muscles). Each pose has a definitive focus and is held for a longer period with YOU controlling the sensation that you feel, allowing you to challenge yourself at the appropriate level. Class ends with an extended (15 minute) relaxation period which may include restorative yoga poses. 

Sivananda Style Yoga (ON HOLD until we are back in the studio)

Sivananda Yoga is a classical and holistic approach to Hatha Yoga that stretches and tones the whole body. In this all Levels class we will practice Yogic Breathing, Eye Yoga, Sun Salutations, a Logical Sequence of Poses, and Relaxation. The prescribed Sivananda routine gives the opportunity to work slowly and methodically over time to eventually explore the full expression of the yoga postures.

Slow Flow Yoga (ON HOLD until we are back in the studio)

Slow Flow Yoga is a beginner friendly class that allows you to focus on building strength while connecting body, mind, and spirit. A learn-discuss--practice class, those just starting are afforded the opportunity to experience yoga asana from the ground up. This class focuses on body awareness and sensation with a Kripalu-influence that offers you a chance to find the perfect body position for each asana before putting them together in a gentle, exploratory flow practice that includes warm-ups and stretches, traditional yoga asanas (postures), and ample relaxation time. Modifications are provided throughout the practice to benefit all levels of yoga practitioner. 

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