Meditation for Relaxation

What is meditation? There are almost as many definitions for meditation as there are ways to practice. It's no wonder people get confused about the how, when, what, and where regarding meditation. Should you focus on breath control? on a candle? on your thoughts? Are you supposed to clear your mind and think of nothing? Should you focus on one thought or let everything just come and go? What exactly is the purpose of meditation? 

Nadi Om Wellness focuses on practicing meditation that allows you to relax, helping you to reduce stress levels in your life and providing some healthy benefits along the way. NadiOm offers you an opportunity to find what type of meditation practice resonates with you by exploring several different meditation techniques during the NadiOm for Health Series - Meditation for Relaxation. Or you can join the monthly group meditation session -- read more about each below and check the calendar to see when the next offerings are.

Guided Meditation

Nadi Om Wellness offers FREE monthly guided meditation! Love-offerings (or donations) go to support the Yoga for Vets program offered at the studio. Each session lasts 45 - 60 minutes, during which you're guided through a relaxing meditation practice that allows you to enter a state that lets you release some of the stress from your busy life. Take time to take care of yourself -- join me for our next session!


about the Meditation for Relaxation Series

“It gave me encouragement to meditate every day. I used different methods to do this, so it was exciting.”

~ Kathy K.

Meditation for Relaxation - A NadiOm for Health Series

This 4-week series allows you to explore different techniques while learning things such as: breathing basics, energy balancing, body awareness, and other helpful tips to start and continue a meditation practice. As you work through the series, you'll be able to explore and practice each week so you can find what works best for you! This series occurs in the Spring and the Fall. Watch the calendar for the next session!

About Grace

Grace stays heavily meditated and has studied and practiced meditation since 1998. Besides relaxation, meditation can lead you through an entirely unexpected personal growth experience. If you'd like to learn more about Grace, check the About Grace and Nadi Om Wellness page...



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