Therapeutic Massage

Nadi Om Wellness (MM40385) offers therapeutic massage that is customized to the individual. Each session focuses on the specific goals desired by you, the client. Whether you need work for a specific soft tissue issue or just want a relaxing wellness massage, Grace works with you to design the perfect session to meet your needs.

Each session may include a variety of massage therapy techniques including deep tissue work, trigger point techniques, gentle Swedish strokes, passive stretching and compression. As well, a session may focus on specific areas such as the neck and shoulders or extend to the entire body. More detailed offerings are listed below.

Therapeutic Massage

Your therapeutic massage session will focus on your health needs and developing a plan to improve your state of health. Recommendations may include multiple massage sessions and other therapies that may be purchased in combination at a 10% discount.

Wellness Massage

Your wellness massage session includes a full body relaxation session with focus on any specific areas you identify. Wellness massage has been known to provide an improved state for the body, mind, and spirit.

Headache Massage

Headache massage sessions work specifically in the neck, shoulders, chest and head area to relieve muscle tightness and provide bilateral balance on each side of the head. We'll discuss expectations prior to starting your session.

Learn more about Grace on the About Nadi Om Wellness page... Here's to your good health!

Therapeutics Pricing

30-minute Session - $40

60-minute Session - $70

90-minute Session - $95

Integrated Healing Session

Session combines any or all of the following:


Therapeutic Massage

Reiki Energy Healing


30-minute session - $50

60-minute session - $90

90-minute session - $125


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