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What do I need to bring?
Where are you located?
How do I make an appointment?
What type of yoga do you teach?
Do I have to be super-flexible to do yoga?
What do I need to bring?
Nothing! We have everything you need to attend a class - including a space to put your personal items and shoes when you arrive. Wear something comfortable and prepare to relax and find yourself again ...
Where are you located?
Nadi Om Wellness is in the Jasmine Square on the corner of SW Hwy 200 and SW 60th Ave in Ocala, Florida.  The studio in the same building as Sammy's Pizza on the opposite end of the building at 6118 SW Hwy 200.
How do I make an appointment?
Appointments are available Tuesday thru Friday and can be made ON-LINE HERE or by calling 352.525.0247. Limited appointments are available outside of posted office hours -- please call to discuss your needs.
What type of yoga do you teach?
Yoga classes at Nadi Om Wellness are Hatha-based and stem from various lineages. Each yoga class is designed to help with the mind-body-spirit connection and includes a warm-up, an asana (posture) practice, and ample time for relaxation. Each class may also include pranayama (breathing techniques), alignment focus, restorative techniques, and other educational opportunities to learn about the yogic lifestyle. Nadi Om Wellness currently offerings can be found HERE.  If you have suggestions for other styles you'd like to see, e-mail Grace
Do I have to be super-flexible to do yoga?
NO!! Nadi Om Wellness teaches yoga as a practice that connects the mind, body, and spirit. Each group class or private session helps to develop strength, balance, and flexibility, while encouraging awareness of your body's needs, abilities, and limitations.  During group classes or private sessions, you are encouraged to experience your own practice at your own level, while being safely guided through each yoga asana (posture)and pranayama (breathing technique).


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